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Professional Email Accounts


For professionals that require high level of security on their email accounts.

Microsoft 365 Email

For professionals that need a rich feature set with their email accounts:

•    99.95% spam detection accuracy and 99.9% uptime guarantee
•    Innovative mail queue and destination management technology
•    SMTP transmission log view to quickly diagnose potentially problematic emails
•    Identity Threat protection toolset: Domain Anti-Spoof management, Executive Fraud Protection management and Protection Bypass management
•    Automatically corrects messages on the fly and quarantines dangerous sections of mails
•    Mitigation of URL based phishing, ransomware and malware attacks in emails using LinkShield
•    100% virus protection SLA
•    100% phishing protection SLA
•    Over 2500 different spam checks
•    Scans for attacks against known and unknown security vulnerabilities
•    Organisational and domain level management
•    Full audit trail of interface operations
•    Whitelist and blacklist administration
•    Enforces business rules and policies using DLP to effectively prevent the transmission of outbound emails that contain sensitive and confidential information

•    99.95% uptime guaranteed
•    Virus and spam protection
•    Scans for attacks against known and unknown security vulnerabilities
•    Activesync -sync all mail items seamlessly!

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Email Marketing

All your customers probably spend most of their day on Email.

Email is a great way to extend your reach and to build or maintain relationships.

Provided you have their permission, as per the POPI Act, you can engage with your customers via email to market your products and services.

Email Marketing is probably the most effective tool to use to get your customers engaged, maintain relationships, and developing brand awareness.

Email branding is also a great tool to use, reminding your customers of promotions, specials while building brand awareness.


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