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Working from a home office can be a challenge, but it does not have to be. Speak to us to get advice on how to setup a home office.

We can assist with computing equipment, internet access, and advise to ensure that working from home is as simple and easy as working from your regular office.

Meeting customers is critical to ensure business continuity!

With the lastest COVID-19 scare you might feel the need for your staff to cancel customer meetings. DONT!

There are a variety of tools available for your staff to still continue to meet with customers, face to face virtually.

Yes, you don’t have to meet in person, but you can still meet face to face via numerous apps. The only provision is you need a decent internet connection at home!

Enhance teamwork through team apps

You can still allow your staff to work from home, and have full access to all shared resources internally.

Your staff can be at home, access files, share files, share ideas, chat, and communicate via video with team members.

That is right, instead of seeing them in person, at a click of a button you can make a video call to a team member and chat about that critical project.

All communication / chats / documents can be shared in a central place for all team members to see and have access to.

Meetings are necessary, even if we don’t like it.

Meetings can be held virtually, with up to 300 employees, even while they are based at home! These meetings can be done with video, or voice only. It is easy to setup and easy to administer!

Contact us for advice to setup your staff to work from home!

Depending on your requirement we can offer the right app, the right tools, and the right connectivity to ensure your staff continues to works effectively!

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