website hosting

We host websites, our hosting platforms are located worldwide, so we can offer you the best hosting location depending on your needs.

Why host with us?

Our hosting services protects your internet assets. We find many companies cant get access to their websites, and struggle to get their developers to update their websites.

We can assist in providing access, or removing access as you require!

Our hosting platforms provide the best performance, with SSD Storage, contact us if you want to hear all the techno jargon related to our hosting performance!

  • Bronze hosting
  • R92.50
    per month (incl VAT)
  • Silver hosting
  • R138-00
    per month (incl VAT)
  • Gold Hosting
  • R188-00
    per month * (incl VAT)
  • Platinum Hosting
  • R248.00
    per month * (incl VAT)

website design

So “they” say …. every company needs a website to market their business online.

We can assist in developing and maintaining your website.

Why design with us?

Our approach is simple, you need a website that is beautiful, but not only that, it needs to generate revenue for your business. Why else should you have a website?

We work involve you during the development process, to ensure that you have proven results that your website works for you!

We offer monthly reviews, with measurable metrics and statistics, to ensure your website delivers the results you are expecting!

If not, you get your money back!

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