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Fast Fibre Internet

Fibre Internet

Improved Fibre Internet

We will provide Free Fibre installation and Free Activation,
(saving up to R2875!)

This service is available only on Telkom / Openserve Fibre areas.

Other providers might charge an additional fee for fibre internet installation.

Our Fibre solutions includes full WiFi coverage throughout your office or home.

We ensure that your WiFi coverage gives the best performance everywhere, on any device.

No more slow internet!


Our Fibre service is uncapped, unshaped and un-throttled.

This service is ideal for users with large bandwidth requirements, like gamers, or home users wishing to stream video / movies via the internet!

Our internet specialists can help you make the most of your fibre internet connection! Ensuring you get the best speed and the best internet experience, including full WiFi coverage everywhere!

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Premium support

You will find many fibre providers offering cheap fibre.

We cannot compete simply because we offer a better service. With ovation internet you don’t have to sit on a support call for 30+ minutes to get a call center agent to ask you to reboot the router.

With Ovation fibre internet you get premium support.

Always remember, you get what you pay for 😉

25Mbps / 25Mbps is a great starting package. This will support most small companies and most households working from home.

Ideal for basic Netflix, internet browsing, emails and basic usage.

Upgrading is easy, simply call us and we will upgrade you to 50Mbps/25Mbps if you need more speed!

Most fibre internet routers provided are cheap routers. Cheap fibre internet routers do not have a high performance WiFi chipsets.

For better WiFi speed, throughout the office or home you typically need to get a better quality router.

Contact us for the ideal solution in your office or home.

Our customers typically have full coverage throughout their office or home.

If you dont want us to look at your wifi refer to this link for more information.

The average time to install fibre with us is around one week. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this as the installation schedules are unpredictable. Fibre installations are dependent on subcontractors and provider schedules.

We keep our customers informed every step of the way to make sure they know what to expect.

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