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Digital Marketing ideal for the modern business.

digital marketing

Best Digital Marketing Plans for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Ovation Internet offers various packages in Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, and many more.

Our packages are tailor-made for you, based on your target and desired outcome.

Our digital marketing solutions are tailor-made for small and medium-sized businesses.

We understand that your marketing needs to be effective. A basic requirement is for the marketing to provide a return on investment within a reasonable period of time.

digital marketing, SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If your company is not found and listed on the first page of Google search results your potential customers are probably going to your competitors.

It is very important to be listed on the first page of any search performed on your products and services.

Did you know SEO and social media work together to increase revenue generation and improving your brand image.

Google integrated social and mobile into their search engine rules to determine your organic ranking on search engine result pages (SERP), therefore we follow an integrated approach to digital marketing.


Website Competitive Analysis

Our approach starts by analyzing your competitors, your Internet marketing landscape and providing solutions to ensure your Website ranks better on all search engines.


Social Media Marketing

Website content, social media, and responsive websites are direct ranking factors in Google’s search algorithms. Therefore you cannot use SEO, content marketing, and social media on their own.

Social Media Marketing should be integrated with SEO and your website to ensure optimum benefit. This will ensure that your website delivers the results you expect.

Social Media is a powerful tool to build relationships and to get your customer engaged.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

  • Improved Search Engine Ranking.

  • Increased Brand Awareness.

  • Higher Conversion Rates.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction.


digital marketing, social media marketing
digital marketing, email marketing

Email Marketing

All your customers probably spend most of their day on Email.

Email is a great way to extend your reach and to build or maintain relationships.

Provided you have their permission, as per the POPI Act, you can engage with your customers via email to market your products and services.

Email Marketing is probably the most effective tool to use to get your customers engaged, maintain relationships, and developing brand awareness.

Email branding is also a great tool to use, reminding your customers of promotions, specials while building brand awareness.


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Premium support

Although there are many types of digital marketing, we focus on providing the most cost effective ones to our customers:

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) typically includes Google AdWords.
  2. Social Media Marketing includes Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  3. Email Marketing being the most effective marketing techniques.
  4. Other options are available depending on your target.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is a digital marketing strategy focused on ranking your Website on search engines like Google and Bing.

There are many factors that determine the ranking of your Website, simply too many to mention on this page!

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